Record of AJWRC Activities


January Meeting with government officials on problems with rape-related laws/ Participation in 鉄ay NO – UNiTE・Campaign against Violence Against Women
February Seminar on support programs for Afghan women/ Rally for non-discriminatory application of high school fee exemption for Korean schools/ Seminar on the rise of extreme Islamism in Indonesia and women’s rights
March Film screening “The Life and Times of Sara Baartman” – a documentary on South African indigenous woman. /The Great East Japan Earthquake occurred. AJWRC office opened as an asylum for women who were not able to go home due to the disruption of public transportation/ Publication of Japanese journal issue featuring “Women in local economies”
April Workshop on feminist movement building for young people/ Seminar on the history and present status of Korean schools in Japan/ Workshop on reconstruction from disaster and gender
May Workshop on reconstruction from disaster and gender/ General Assembly of AJWRC and event on media and women
June Participated in the international strategic meeting on the 16 days campaign against militarism and violence against women/ Publication of Japanese journal issue featuring “Families across boaders” and “Women in the Great East Japan Earthquake”
July Worked with international feminist organizations for a petition calling for equitable participation of women in the reconstruction efforts after the Great East Japan Earthquake/ Series seminar on nuclear power developmnet from a feminist perspective
August Protest to Kyoto District Court jurisdiction over a gang rape case /Protest to the Supreme Court decision over a sexual assault case/ Series workshop to read a movement-building guide developed by a US group against sexual assault on college campus
September Publication of Japanese journal issue featuring “Women challenge nuclear power” / Start of “Gender Cafe”, a series workshop on gender issues for young women by AJWRC Youth Group
October Executive Director was invited to comment on peace and women’s rights on a TV show / Supported Women’s anti-nukes sit-in
November NGO Joint Statement on Follow-Up of CEDAW Recommendations on Migrant Women and Minority Women
November Preparation of a NGO joint report for UN ICESCR from gender perspectives /Workshop on mid to long-term planning for AJWRC /Participated in civil society joint campaign to demand Tokyo Metropolitan Governmennt for non-discriminative funding for Korean schools /Launching event of the 16 days activism against gender-based violence /Symposium on the court case on sexual assault against a female Self Defense Force officer /Protest action against a sexist remark made by the head of Okinawa SDF
December Awarding ceremony of the 2011 Yayori Award for women’s activism/ NGO joint statement calling for stronger regulations of dispatchment of workers/ Youth Group was awarded Hodogaya Fund for their activities on gender equality /Fashion Resistance to Militarism by AJWRC Youth Group /Global Solidarity 1000th Wednesday Demonstration for justice for survivors of Japanese military sexual slavery /Publication of Japanese journal issue featuring 鼎hild abuse from feminist perspectives



January Seminar on transitional justice and gender in Nepal (January 13)/ NGO joint campaign for endorsement of optional protocols of UN human rights treaties/ NGO joint statement on the Japanese government’s Middle Eastern policies
February Series seminar on the 1948 massacre in Jeju island, Korea, through gender perspectives/ Annual planning workshop (February 7)/ Symposium & workshop on the roles of public women’s centers (February 11)
March Study tour to Jeju island, Korea (March 27-31)/ Publication of Japanese journal Issue 61 featuring family and children support policies
April NGO joint statement on implementation of recommendations by UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
May AJWRC made comments on the Third National Action Plan for Gender Equality/ NGO meeting with Dr. Pillay, High Commissioner for Human Rights / General Assembly of AJWRC, 15th Anniversary Symposium & Party
June Publication of Japanese journal issue featuring continued colonialism and feminism
Film screening “Herstory”/ Seminar on Guatemalan Civil War and women’s efforts for social justice / Campaign for non-discriminatory application of high school fee exemption policy to Korean schools
July NGO joint campaign against nationality-based discrimination in compensation for returnees from Siberian labor camps/ Screening of an Indian film “Water”
August Request to Japanese government not to appeal to higher court on sexual violence case against a female officer of Japan Self Defense Force / Global Solidarity Wednesday Demonstration for justice for survivors of Japanese military sexual slavery / Sent a letter to Ministry of Education against exclusion of Korean schools from high school fee exemption policy / Seminar on engagement in women’s movements in developing countries, from the perspective of a professional aid worker and as a feminist activist
September Publication of Japanese journal issue No.63 featuring “Politics of Fashion” / National symposium against exclusion of Korean schools from high school fee exemption policy / Lecture by Kayoko Nakagawa on work experience of women’s causes in Cambodia
October English workshop series “On Her Shoes” on domestic violence
Lecture by Januka Bhattarai on movement of human trafficking survivors in Nepal
Talk event on “Politics of Fashion”/ Lecture by Kiyoko Furusawa on irrigation projects and gender in East Timor
November AJWRC issued a statement on failed prosecution of a gang rape case in Yamagata / Lecture by Fouzia Saeed on prostitution in Pakistan / 16 Days Campaign against Violence Against Women
Signature submission events for justice for “Comfort Women” survivors / Urgent actions against termination of government process for applying high school fee exemption to Korean schools due to the armed conflict in Korea
December Awarding Ceremony of 2010 Yayori Women Activist Award/ Memorial Ceremony for “Comfort Women” survivors and activists who passed away/ International symposium to mark the 10th anniversary of the International Women’s War Crimes Tribunal / Seminar on violence against women under conflicts / Publication of Japanese journal issue No.64 featuring “Feminist activism”



February Joint submission of NGO report for the periodical review of Japan Report at UN CEDAW
April 10-12, 2009 Participation in the East Asian Women’s Workshop on Beijing+15 in Hong Kong
April 25 Film Event: The Devils of Eden
April 25 NGO joint appeal against the textbooks published by nationalist group
May 10 Discussion forum on women and poverty
May 19 Start of campaign on rights of sexual assault victims in the jury system
May Participation in the global campaign for freedom of Burmese political prisoners
May NGO joint campaign against the New Foreign Resident Adminitration System
May 29 Talk event on Women, children and elderly in development process
June 2 Submission of NGO report for to CEDAW for review of Japan
June 4 Discussion with Diet members and Supreme Court on the jury system
June 20 Publication of Japanese journal issue 58 featuring “Feminist Perspectives on the Financial Crisis and Policy Response”
July 5 General Assembly of AJWRC
July Participation in international campaign to prosecute Burmese military regime leader at the International Criminal Court
August NGO-Government consultation on the review of anti-trafficking plan. Participation in women’s campaign for tougher labor regulation
August 6 Workshop on gender in peace movement with Dr. Cynthia Cockburn (UK)
August Series workshop on pay equity
August 8-10 Study tour to exhibition of Taeko Tomiyama
August NGO Joint campaign for public education on “Comfort women” issues
August 17 Symposium on sexual violence and judiciary system
September 18 Publication of Japanese journal issue 59 featuring “Ageing and Feminism”
September 5-9 Study tour to Okinawa
September Joint submission of NGO report on Beijing+15 (armed conflicts)
October-December Series workshop on AWID’s Publication “Changing Their World: Concepts and Practices of Women’s Movements”
October 17 Film Event: Provoked
October NGO Joint Letter to the New Administration on Immigration Control Policies
October 22-24 Participation in Asia-Pacific NGO Forum on Beijing+15, Manila, Philippines
November NGO Joint Statement on Follow-Up of CEDAW Recommendations on Migrant Women and Minority Women
November NGO Joint Statement on Follow-Up of CEDAW Recommendations on Migrant Women and Minority Women
November 11, 25 Series Seminar on Beijing+15
November Participation in International Campaign for the Peace Process in Chittagon Hill, Bangladesh
November 28 Symposium on Deterioration of Working Conditions for Health Workers
December 13 Yayori Award Ceremony
December 21 Publication of Japanese Journal Issue 60 featuring “Public Women’s Centers”



October 15, 16 The AJWRC sends a representative to Geneva to lobby for women’s rights at the UN Human Rights Committee’s fifth periodic review of Japan.
October 6 The AJWRC joins the campaign to end sexual abuse by UN staff.
September 16 Statement: The Japanese government’s reply to recommendations from the UN Committee against Torture was insufficient. The government must accept the Committee’s recommendations with sincerity and immediately take the necessary steps to correct violations of the Convention Against Torture
September 13 The AJWRC submits an alternative report on discrimination against women and gender inequality in Japan for the UN Human Rights Council’s fifth periodic review of Japan.
August 16 Letter to Pakistani authorities: Investigation needed into murder by live burial of five women.
June 30 Letter to Nepalese authorities: Request for proper investigation into the murder case of Ms. Laxmi Bohara.
June 18 The AJWRC and the World Organization against Torture deliver a joint statement at the UN Human Rights Council urging the Government of Japan to accept and act on all recommendations from the Universal Periodic Review, including those on the Japanese Military Sexual Slavery during the World War II.
April Information from an AJWRC report is included in the UN Universal Periodic Review of Japan on issues including trafficking in persons, Japanese military sexual slavery, and inequality in labor.
March 5 Hisako Motoyama, Executive Director of the AJWRC, discusses Okinawa rape cases on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) radio program “As It Happens.”
February 8 The AJWRC submits the report “Critical Concerns Regarding Violation of Women’s Rights in Japan” for the UN Universal Periodic Review of Japan. The report discusses issues including the feminization of poverty and violence against migrant women.



November 21 Statement: Impunity is not acceptable! We protest the Hiroshima District Public Prosecutor Office’s decision not to prosecute the Marines who committed gang rape in Hiroshima.
November AJWRC joins the Campaign against the Labor Contract Law.
October AJWRC joins the Campaign against the Japanese version of the US-VISIT program. (fingerprinting of foreigners).
October 19 Letter to Thai authorities: Concern over the murder case of Ma-Usoh Malong in Tak Bai.
October 4 AJWRC requests the Fukuoka High Prosecutors Office to drop demands for the death penalty for a female defendant in the Kita-Kyusu Murder Case, which involved domestic violence.
October 4 Appeal to the Government of Japan to follow-up the recommendations made by the 38th session of the Committee Against Torture.
October 3 Statement: The AJWRC protests the violent crackdown on peaceful demonstrations and the killing of a journalist in Burma and requests the Japanese government to suspend its aid to the military junta.
July 20 Letter to Iranian authorities: Stop the execution of Ms. Mokarrameh Ebrahimi.
May AJWRC joins campaign on sexual assault case against a female officer of SDF(Self Defense Force).
May Lobbying at the 38th session of the Committee Against Torture
April AJWRC submits an NGO alternative report on violation of women’s rights for the review of Japan on the Convention Against Torture, with support from OMCT
March 14 letter to Burmese authorities on gang rape case by soldiers
March 14 Two Sudanese women do not deserve to be stoned to death just for committing adultry. AJWRC appeals to Sudanese Embassy it is too harsh a penalty.
March 8 Women’s rights activists were arrested in Iran. In a letter to Iranian Embassy, AJWRC requests Iranian government for an immediate and unconditional release of these activists,
March Protest against Tokyo government’s arbitral decline of permission of an event organized by a Korean organization.
January-February Women are not “reproductive machines”. AJWRC and other concerned organizations cannot simply dismiss such a discriminatory comment by Mr.Yanagisawa, Minister of Health and Labor. He must resign immediately.



October 27 A caution must be required on the side of concerned states in responding North Korea’s nuclear testing.
October Philippines’ Subic Rape Case has begun. AJWRC and many other concerned organizations are in full support for a raped victim to fight the case, organizing various campaigns such as a launch of an international petition campaign, and call for financial aid.
September AJWRC joined a NGO Statement concerning the report on Japan by the UN Special Rapporteur on Racism
August 22 FIMA, one of the leading funds in promoting women’s status in Japan, has dismissed fellow female staffs as a part of the fund’s restructuring. AJWRC regards this to be an unfair dismissal and requests for calling back of these dismissed employees.
July Participation in the 6th East Asian Women’s Forum in Beijing, China
May Campaign against fallback in gender equality policy of Tokyo Metropolitan Government
June General Assembly of the AJWRC & Talk event: “Act Up, Women! Work, Live and Change the World”



December Participation in US-Japan Women Workers’ Workshop in Osaka
October Co-Hosting Campaign for New Democratic Tokyo (October 31st)
October 31 Participation in Workshop on Mapping Gender in the Information Society
August Participation in World Demonstration for survivors of “comfort women”
July Participation in US-Japan Women Workers’ Workshop
April Protest against discrimination against children born “outside of marriage”
March Request Government to
February Participation in Beijing + 10
January Setting up of AJWRC panel in Ritsumeikan University Peace Museum



July Organization of a workshop on remedies for sexual violence against women under armed conflict at the Asia-Pacific NGO Forum for Beijing+10
June Co-hosting Japan-Korean symposium on women’s human rights
(June 5th) Campaign launched against changing Article 24 of the Japanese Constitution



December Participation in the 5th East Asian Women’s Forum
November Protest to the Judgement by Saga Prefectural Court
October Solidarity Action for victims of Mexican Femicide
October Women’s Campaign “No to Sexist Politicians”
July Protest Actions against the discriminatory statements by Parliament Members
March Campaign Against “War on Terror”



November Symposium on Women’s Activism against War with Cynthia Cockburn and Women in Black Tokyo
February Participation in NGO forum on sustainable development



Campaign against the War on Afghanistan
Protest Against Arbitral Cancellation of Matsui Yayori’s Lecture in Chiyoda



December Participation in Women’s International War Crimes Tribunal in Tokyo (December 7th-12th)
September Participation in the 4th East Asian Women’s Forum
June Participation in Okinawa International Summit of Women
June Participation in Beijing + 5 Conference in New York
May Symposium on nationalism and gender
April Campaign against the racist statement by Tokyo Governor Ishihara



June Preparation of Alternative Report for Beijing + 5



August Participation in The 3rd East Asian Women’s Forum
July 25 Participation in Symposium of Globalisation and Women’s rights



March Campaign against nationalist history revisionism
Research on Men and Prostitution
October International Conference on Violence Against Women in War and Armed Conflict Situations



Campaign against the attack against “comfort women”
August Participation in the Second East Asian Women’s Forum in Mongolia
Symposium on Common Future for Filipino and Japanese women



March 18-21 International Conference on Women and Japanese ODA
June Foundation of the Asia-Japan Women’s Resource Center
Participation in the 4th International Women’s Conference in Beijing